The Hertford Lodge, No. 403

in the Masonic Province of Hertfordshire

Consecrated in 1829.


Some items of furniture from Hertfordshire's oldest Masonic Lodge,

The Hertford Lodge, No. 403

photographed in an inventory carried out in 2006.

All are in regular use.




The Worshipful Master's Pedestal


Right  :

A set of wooden gavels

The wooden gavels
The SW Pedestal, 403 Left:

The Senior Warden's Pedestal



Our beautiful ivory gavels (one missing and unaccounted for, 2007)

The ivory gavels


Silver inscription on base of ivory gavel, dated 1929,  presented on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary Meeting   [CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR A LARGER PICTURE.]


The Working Tools, in presentation case,



Silver inlay on WM's Gavel (50th Anniversary of the Lodge). [CLICK ON IMAGE FOR LARGER PICTURE.]


50th Anniversary Gavels, presented by Bro. Stephen Austin, 1879


One of the Tyler's Ceremonial Swords

dated 1872


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